Firstpak Enterprise supplies a wide range of quality paper bags, matt and gloss laminated paper bags, shopping bags, non woven bags and others all over South East Asia, factory located in Johor Bahru and HQ in Singapore, strongly believes in providing our clients with first class service in understanding their different needs and helps fulfill the targets that they have set out to achieve. Through our scientific knowledge of color management and print, we truly believe that we have the secret recipe to packaging that is unique & innovative.

We are committed in bringing out the best in each brief

With half a century’s worth of experience; our repertoire of clients is extensive and diverse. We have served clients from all over South East Asia. All of which is a testament to the myriad of complex design briefs, tight deadlines that we have fulfilled. In every case, we have always produced a finish product that is perfectly within our client’s budget and a satisfactory one at that.

Firstpak Enterprise has an extensive portfolio in innovative & creative packaging

Our extensive portfolio varies from a wide ranging spectrum of packaging from carriers, F&B packaging, seasonal packaging, moon cake packaging, calendars, menus, brochures, paper bags, paper boxes, gift boxes and beyond.

The myriad of packaging & print services we provide at Firstpack are:

Design & Pre-Press

Layout & Graphics
Illustrations & On-hand drawings
Corporate Designs
Packaging Structuring & Proofing
Final Art (FA) & Mockup


Packaging Print
Features like Die Cutting & Folder Gluing
Scientific Color Management thru X-rite Color Management
Hexachrome 5 & 6 Color Press


Thread sewn binding