Thread Sewn Binding

At Firstpak Enterprise, we offer saddle stitching, thread sewn binding and others.

Thread sewn binding (or ‘sewn with drawn on cover’) is very similar to perfect binding. Mainly used in book production requiring more durability. However, perfect bound is not suitable for long term usage because the glue hardens by alternating cold and hot weather. Instead of perfect bound, thread sewn employs multiple threads to sewn the signatures together. Since the threads are flexible and aren’t affected by weather, the books are much more durable. A perfect bind on thick books and literature with thread sewing on pages of folding giving a firm grasp and bonding on large number of pages. This craftsmanship is applied when notch binding cannot provide a good and confident finishing on thick books. While it is phasing out soon due to its laborious and cost reasons, we still make this service available to remain versatile and all rounded in serving our clients.

Saddle stitching – Pages are folded, creased and stapled together using a stapler with long jaws. We often see this type of binding used for booklets, and magazines that have a smaller page count.